World Horse Day Approved In 19 Cities

World Horse Day

Thomas Muldoon in Montana

Renowned horse whisperers Thomas Muldoon and Gareth Kelley have trained and healed over 2300 horses combined in the past 26 years. They have also been lobbying state governments since 2003 to pass World Horse Day into law. When asked about the purpose behind their international movement, Muldoon had some emphatic words:

“People often ask if we get whispers back…and yes we do! The most common message over the years from the horses is that they wish that humans could, for just one day, feel the absolute animal freedom that horses do by defecating and urinating in public with no worry on how they’re perceived…and no responsibility to clean it up.”

August 5th is the designated date starting in 2014, as that was the first day in 1998 that Muldoon started hearing whispers back from his horses. The simple message “Oh, the freedom” was whispered to Muldoon from his horse Jackal as he defecated near the front porch of his ranch in Montana. After years of being considered entremaneurs by the international horse community, Muldoon and Kelley are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

World Horse Day – August 5th

Traditional cowboy cities such as Oklahoma City, OK, and Bandera, TX, were the first to approve the new holiday. World Horse Day allows people to legally defecate and urinate in shopping malls, grocery stores, and anywhere in public without suffering any repercussions from the police department or property owners. Naples, Italy, is also an early adopter, though many feel it’s for a different purpose as thousands of Italians defecate in the streets throughout the year anyway.

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