Rapper Salty Dawg Hospitalized For His Gold Plated Testicles

Salty Dawg - Gold Plated Testicles

Known for pushing the boundaries with his offensive lyrics and eccentric style, up-and-coming rapper Salty Dawg may have gone too far this time. On Sunday, the rapper was admitted to St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, GA, from a severe reaction caused by his gold plated testicles.

Salty Dawg – Gold Plated Testicles

Salty Dawg’s forthcoming album Suck My Gold Sack, which features the hit single White Mamba In The Hizzouse”, is set to be released next month. Some have speculated that his admission to St. Joseph’s is a publicity stunt, but an anonymous source from inside the hospital insists that he is in serious condition.

“I can tell you this,” said the source, “I don’t think he’s going to be dancing anytime soon, or having kids. And don’t expect his deep, raspy rhymes anymore. Dawg is much better suited now for the Vienna Boys Choir, and will probably be hampered with a perpetual girlfriend voice.”

Atlanta’s popular Guns And Gold Teeth shop has taken credit for Dawg’s gold plated testicles. They have since made improvements in the ball-dipping process to ensure better health and proper blood circulation. They’re now offering a special, “buy ten guns and get your balls dipped in gold for free.” As of this reporting, no one has taken advantage of the special offer. Salty Dawg could not be reached for comment. He is expected to be released from the hospital later this week.

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