Wisconsin Man Finds New Cure For Baldness – Ear Hair!

Ear Hair

Dan Kaminski

Dr. William Bernstein, a plastic surgeon from Kenosha, Wisconsin, is now booked nearly 8 months in advance. His specialty is removing a man’s ears, keeping ear hair intact, and surgically implanting them on the top of the head. While the casual observer may find this procedure absurd, 100% of the patients are ecstatic with the results.

Ear Hair – Bald Man’s Best Friend

It’s common knowledge that when men reach middle age, hair starts growing out of their ears. Up until 2015, ear hair was a nuisance, a social stigma, and even the cause of many failed marriages. Today, ear hair has replaced the “dog” as a bald man’s best friend.

Dr. Bernstein’s best friend is Dan Kaminski, who is also from Kenosha. “Dan was my first patient for the surgery” stated Bernstein, “I can’t really take credit for the idea of the procedure, it was Dan and his wife’s idea. Once Dan’s wife started running her fingers through his coarse ear hair on the top of his head, she became my biggest promoter.”

The only real drawback to the ear removal surgery is that you lose all sense of hearing. “To be honest, I’ve nearly forgotten that I can’t hear anymore. My wife is incredibly happy now, and our sex life is beyond intense” beamed Kaminski, “I no longer need to sneak my Viagra pills under the pillow, and my circulation has improved due to all the arm movements of sign language. I couldn’t be happier”. (see picture)

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