Gibson fakes foot injury to pay homage to his childhood hero, Bozo the Clown

BozoIn an emotional Bozo interview today with SHN’s very own Betty Leone, Taj Gibson of the NBA’s Chicago Bulls broke down and admitted that he’s been faking numerous foot injuries since joining the league two years ago.

“I only made it this far for one reason, man” said Gibson, “I worked my ass off to make this league for my boy “Zo”…gotta pay my respects on a giant stage for a giant of a man, Bozo the Clown.”

Near the end of the first quarter in a recent game against the Miami Heat, Gibson hobbled onto the court to mutterings from the crowd wearing an over-sized clown shoe. He purposely tripped the Heat’s Mike Miller on a drive to the basket, took off the shoe, and then ran to the locker room in tears.

“This is hard man, shit” said Gibson holding back more tears, “my parents were never there for me growing up, but that fuckin’ clown was there…Bozo was fuckin’ there man.”

Gibson now plans to retire after the 2011 season. He struck a development deal with Nike to help design a new line of sneakers called the “Air Bozos”, and he’s been helping to spread some new Bozo Memes via social media. With a huge smile on his face he stated he would be moving to Korea for a few years to focus on the Asian market. Taj Gibson is finally at peace.

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