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The Shack was the literary breakout success of author Paul Young, selling more than 20 Million copies worldwide. Even with such a high number of sales and readers, Paul still finds himself reminding people that the book was written as a parable. And this is where the discussion starts between Paul Young and Mark Fitzgerald in Episode 13 of the Fundamental Escape Podcast.

Paul displays his great wisdom throughout the podcast, and it’s easy to understand why he’s such a great writer. He states he has a “great affection for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit”, but also states that he has pushed away from organized religion. He says “religious systems have done some good things, but have also caused incredible damage and devastation as well”.

Paul writes his books around questions and says “one good question is worth 1000 answers” in his new book Eve. He also feels his books assist in the healing of the human heart. He goes on to state “The Shack is the house on the inside that people help you build. God is not there to destroy the shack, he is indwelling it in order to help us reconstruct and participate in our healing”.

Paul Young

While the vast majority of reader feedback has been positive over the years, Paul opens up about some of the stories of negative backlash from protesters outside a few of his speaking engagements where it became clear they didn’t even read his book! It bothers me greatly whenever I hear about governments and/or religious groups that ban books, basically trying to prevent people from expanding their mind. Even knowing that The Shack is fiction, a parable, an Australian denomination of Christianity banned the book as “heresy” to its pastors and congregation!

Finally at the end of the podcast, Paul leaves us with a beautiful quote “Jesus didn’t come to start a new religion, he came to show us what it’s like to be fully human and fully alive”.

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You can read more about Paul Young at his website

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