The Fundamental Escape – Episode 12: Justin Brierley

Justin Brierley

When you act as the moderator for a debate-style radio show, you don’t always get the opportunity to inject your own opinions. This is the case for Justin Brierley, who has been moderator of the Premier Christian Radio show Unbelievable for the past 10 years.

Justin Brierley

In episode 12 of the Fundamental Escape Podcast, Mark Fitzgerald and I got the chance to speak with Justin more about his personal views on faith and spirituality. We also talked about Justin’s most popular and controversial radio episodes with his past guests Rob Bell and Mark Driscoll.

Justin’s interview with Mark Driscoll

It was the Mark Driscoll interview that caused me to question where the most fierce arguments of authority come from in Christianity. Does the most fierce and aggressive tone come from people who have a dark past and are now “saved”? And is the reason why they’re so aggressive due to their intense desire to wash away their own guilt?

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You can also follow Justin Brierley at Twitter: @UnbelievableJB

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