The Fundamental Escape – Episode 11: Ben Price

Ben Price

Episode 11 is partially a follow-up to Episode 06 of the Fundamental Escape Podcast when we spoke with Travis Owens about his role in the movie Audacity. Ben Price also had a major role in the movie where he actually played himself, an Australian actor/comedian who is perhaps best known for doing impersonations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Owen Wilson, Homer Simpson, and several others.

Ben Price

Mark Fitzgerald and I spoke with Ben about his personal beliefs in Episode 11. He was raised Christian, and he talked about how his faith has been a lighthouse and moral compass to help guide him throughout his life. Ben also opened up about his experience with depression and anxiety, which is something millions of people struggle with, and how it often seems to just creep up out of nowhere.

As a comedian, Ben Price is hilarious. Jamie McIntyre and many others consider him “Australia’s best impersonator”. You can hear some of Ben’s mimicking skills at the end of the podcast, which also include Ray Comfort and Robert De Niro.

Some memorable quotes that Ben made include, “the Bible was not written with chapter and verse in mind” and “the enemy (which he clarifies as: satan) would want us to undermine scripture”. For the latter I’m left with the question, “for the human beings on this planet that undermine scripture, would you also consider them the enemy?”.

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You can find more about Ben Price at his website

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