The Fundamental Escape – Episode 10: Hemant Mehta

Hemant Mehta

First of all, Congratulations to Hemant Mehta for being the first Atheist on the Fundamental Escape Podcast! It’s an important part of the podcast mission to include guests that cover the full spectrum of religious and spiritual beliefs. Hemant is a former high school teacher turned author, blogger, and Atheist activist. He blogs and runs his own podcast under the name ‘The Friendly Atheist’.

It’s clear in Episode 10 that Hemant Mehta enjoys debating, and the more heated the better. It seemed that he almost wanted to disagree more with Mark Fitzgerald, but excellent points were made on both sides and they were able to commonicate more towards the end. And you have to respect when Hemant offers his perspective on how “there are many disgruntled Atheists that seem to dislike the Church more than they want to be an Atheist”.

Hemant Mehta

Hemant does tend to make some assumptions and generalizations that many would find bothersome, often lumping “all Christians” in categories that may not be totally fair. Furthermore, Hemant makes a statement in the podcast that still has me scratching my head as I write this, “don’t put stock in something that can’t be challenged”.

On the flip side, Hemant makes a very powerful point about trusting the “leaders” of your belief system. Richard Dawkins is probably the most well-known Atheist activist on the planet, and author of the New York Times best-seller The God Delusion. Hemant states that “everything Richard Dawkins says is not necessarily true just because he’s a leader”, and that he’d like to see more of that perception from Christians towards the leaders of the megachurches.

Other well-known figures mentioned in the podcast debate include Bill Maher, Ann Coulter, Peter Rollins, Ricky Gervais, Josh Duggar, Mark Driscoll, and Ray Comfort.

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