The Fundamental Escape – Episode 09: Barry Taylor

Barry Taylor

According to an article published by The Guardian, Barry Taylor converted to Christianity while he was the road manager for AC/DC on the Highway To Hell Tour in 1979. It would be an understatement to call this ironic and bordering on comical, but the truth is it’s not entirely accurate. Barry sets the record straight on the Fundamental Escape Podcast in his discussion with Mark Fitzgerald.

Barry Taylor

Barry Taylor now works as an adjunct professor of theology at the Brehm Center, and he’s also a pastor, author, and music producer. The “spiritual doc of rock” has lead an interesting life to say the least, and he leaves the listeners with some memorable quotes in Episode 09.

Barry feels it should be more about looking for the right questions, and not always the perfect answers in your spiritual journey. He says he’s not trying to convert people to his own way of thinking, but would just like people to “be thinking”. And finally he says “the Bible is not a guidebook, and if it were a guidebook we’d all be screwed because it’s like a map without roads!”.

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