The Fundamental Escape – Episode 08: Jay Bakker

Jay Bakker

If you are over 35 years old, you may remember Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker. They were Christian televangelists that rose to stardom in the 1980’s as hosts of The PTL Club, and later became infamous for accounting fraud and a public sex scandal. Jay Bakker is their son.

While Jay admits he is not that close with his father Jim, he states that he respects his opinion and of course loves him. Jay’s mother Tammy Faye passed away about 8 years ago, and he considered her one of his best friends and he loved her dearly. One of the more profound points that Jay makes in the Fundamental Escape Podcast, is that “while many people may remember his parents as not being genuine, they were always genuine with him”.

It’s quite clear in Episode 08 that old family history is not Jay’s favorite thing to talk about. It’s also clear that Jay Bakker is entirely his own man. He built his career as a speaker, author, pastor, and podcaster at This Is Radio Cast.

Jay Bakker

Growing up in the public spotlight is challenging to say the least, but Jay has proven to stay true to his own beliefs. When Jay announced that he was gay affirming 12 years ago, all funding was cut for his church…but this didn’t stop him. You can hear more about Jay’s story in the podcast…

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