The Fundamental Escape – Episode 06: Travis Owens

Travis Owens

Travis Owens is a professional actor, comedian, and the brave man who accepted the lead role in Ray Comfort’s latest movie Audacity. You’ll see a very low feedback rating for the movie at IMDB, but it’s quite clear this is not a proper reflection of Travis’s acting skills. Audacity was just released in June, 2015, and there are already hundreds of negative reviews citing the movie for “bigotry” and “fundamentalist propaganda”.

Travis Owens – Audacity the movie

Travis plays the lead role of “Peter” in Audacity, who is also an aspiring comedian…but the real-life parallel pretty much ends right there. Travis is pro gay marriage and supports the LGBT community 100%, as several of his close friends and family members are gay. He talks more about this with Mark Fitzgerald in the Fundamental Escape Podcast.

Travis also talks about his early days breaking into stand-up comedy, his observations of his Mormon friends growing up, and the disconnect between the Church and sexuality. Enjoy!

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