The Fundamental Escape – Episode 05: Gavin McInnes

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Gavin McInnes is truly one of a kind, and he speaks his mind with zero filters. Gavin is a writer, director, actor, and co-founder of publishing giant Vice Media. Mark Fitzgerald may have bitten off a little more than he could chew here in Episode 05, but I think we put things in perspective in the introduction.

Gavin is a contributor to several online media sites such as The Rebel Media, which mainly features conservative political and social commentary. Mark and Gavin cover a wide range of topics, such as politics, religion, alcohol, and the worldwide obesity epidemic. In a world where you are not supposed to say “that word” or “that thing”, Gavin always seems to push through and say it anyway. Make sure to put the kids to bed early before listening, there is a little language in this episode!

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You can follow Gavin McInnes on Twitter @Gavin_McInnes

For more of his blogs and videos, please visit The Rebel Media

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