The Fundamental Escape – Episode 03: Gus Row

Gus Row - The Dehydrated Gospel

Mark Fitzgerald and Gus Row get into a very honest and open discussion about the state of the church in New Zealand for Episode 03. Gus is a former preacher and was deeply involved with YFC (Youth for Christ) for over 30 years, but for the last 8 years he stopped attending church and dropped the “Christian” label.

Gus still finds himself drawn and compelled by Jesus, which is why he was such an interesting person to talk to. He has written a series of small books, such as Fast Food Religion and The Dehydrated Gospel which critiques the way in which the church at large has attempted to reach people with good news of Jesus and salvation.

Gus deconstructs the traditional and fundamental ideas he believed most of his life, and explains why that may leave many of us unclear. This is a very real and honest man who does not claim to have any magic pill or answer to fix things, but it is clear he has peace of mind.

Gus Row – The Dehydrated Gospel

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Click HERE to view the Gus Row book The Dehydrated Gospel

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