The Fundamental Escape – Episode 02: Doug Pagitt

Doug Pagitt

Episode 02 of the Fundamental Escape podcast gets pretty interesting as Mark interviews Doug Pagitt, author of the new book Flipped. The podcast kicks off with a discussion about a radio interview Doug had a number of years ago that was without exaggeration one of the most bizarre exchanges you will hear in the sphere of faith and theology.

Mark and Doug also explore some of the foundations and ideas of Emergent Christianity, a movement that has been gaining momentum since around the turn of the century. In this refreshing and enlightening conversation, you may hear some familiar terms that are talked about in unique ways.

If you grew up in the Church and became burnt out by an “old time” religion, then this episode is for you. And if you are new to the faith conversation, then you will find this equally refreshing.

Doug Pagitt – Flipped

Listen to the podcast through the embedded Podbean player below…

Click HERE to listen to the radio interview that we talked about in the podcast.

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