French Parliament Makes Push To Decimalise Time

French ParliamentAt the behest of the French Parliament, The International Science Union (ISU) is strongly considering the option to decimalise time. A year will have 10 months in it, days will have 10 hours and each hour will have 100 minutes.

“A millisecond is one millionth of a second, a microsecond is a 1/1000th of a second, but a minute has 60 seconds in it…this has always been a bit of a disconnect for us” stated Jean-Luc Messier, personal aide to French Senator Dupont.

The French have decimalised everything else, and because they know the Americans and the Angloholes won’t surrender their old time they will be isolated and confused. Only a few years ago, the Americans lost a satellite due to an imperial/metric mix-up. Furthermore, not only will the French government save money by paying its socialist legions of workers for fewer hours, but this will get the economy rolling again by getting people to purchase new clocks and spend time rewriting timetables.

French Parliament – Exciting Times Ahead

Now it will be possible to write things like 5.1 hours and there will be no confusion as to whether it means 5 hours 6 minutes or 5 hours 10 minutes. The first five months will have 37 days and the second half 36, meaning nobody will ever have to look silly when asking when the month ends.

“Having months like OCT-ober and DEC-ember named incorrectly was just annoying for us boffins and we didn’t appreciate the pettiness of the Roman Emperor Augustus stealing a day from February so his month could be the same as Julius’. Now neither of them will have a month! We will now spite the old Italian Empire and the new Anglo one in a single stroke of classic French Parliament brilliance” said Messier with bloodshot eyes.

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