Cryogenic Daycare Facility Opens A Can Of Frozen Worms

Cryogenic StorageA controversial daycare facility in San Mateo, CA, is creating some confusion and intense debate regarding child development. Children’s Cry Space, the first daycare center to implement short-term cryogenic freezing, started out incredibly popular for busy parents who did not want to miss out on any precious moments of their kid’s life.

The “concept daycare facility” appealed to parents who did not want some unknown nanny or teenage “professional” to experience the best moments of their child’s growth. Initially, Children’s Cry Space allowed the parents to drop off their kid for any amount of time into the freezing pods while they left to go about their business. The unique cryogenic pods could contain a child for a minimum of 4 hours, but the lengthier stretches were especially convenient for parents’ work deadlines, vacations, extra-curricular activities or custody battles.

Cryogenic Storage For Children – Pros And Cons

The longer the parents leave their children in cryogenic storage, more problems arise according to new data being released. Increased frequency of their visits to Children’s Cry Space are leading to new questions on each child’s rate of growth as well. Recent studies have now shown that the majority of the frozen children have symptoms of isolation and stunted social interaction. Local PTA meetings are also growing increasingly volatile as teachers are seeing shorter, younger looking kids showing up to class each year.

Typically the center requires advanced reservations, but for a limited time The Children’s Cry Space is offering a “you deserve a break” special where you can drop off your kid for a quick freeze without any prior notice.

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