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This is where you CLAIM words that are ALREADY listed in the Strange Human Dictionary. Please follow these guidelines for claiming or re-claiming words, and please read carefully before entering your claim.

Claiming and Re-claiming Words

If you come across a word in the Strange Human Dictionary where you feel you are the original creator/author, all you have to do is follow these 2 simple directions: 1) Take a deep breath and relax. 2) Read this page, fill out the proper details below, and enter your claim.

When words have “UNKNOWN” listed next to the “CREDIT” section, that means the original creator/author is unknown and the words are open to be claimed.

If there is a person’s name listed in the “CREDIT” section under a word, that means the word has already been claimed with a Date of Origin proven.  This is obviously never a final decision though, as we offer you the opportunity to re-claim words should you be able to provide proof earlier than the date listed.

Name and Email: We need a way to get back to you, pretty standard.

Word or Phrase: Insert the word/phrase you are claiming, pretty simple.

Definition + Use in sentence: It’s important for YOU to define your word or phrase. Using it in a sentence is another chance to show your creativity, but you can leave that to the SHN Editors if you’d like. We will clean up your grammar too!

Full name for credit: List your name exactly how you want it to appear in the credit under your words.

Twitter Linkback: We give you the option to link back to your Twitter handle to show more proof of who you are! Popular words can bring you a great deal of new followers, and even help you find your long lost cousin from Ecuador! Leave blank if you shun Twitter.

Date of Origin:  Please do NOT enter the date you THOUGHT of your word, that carries no weight.  Only enter a date as far back as you can provide proof.

Proof:  We need a reference URL, blog post, or anything else with a timestamp that can verify your Date of Origin.  Without proof anyone can say they invented a word 50 years ago, plain and simple.

Math question:  Just a short quiz to block the spambots.

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Word or Phrase you are claiming

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