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The Fundamental Escape – Episode 17: Scott Harrison

Our glorious guest host Rachel Edge had the opportunity to record a discussion with Scott Harrison, the CEO and founder of Charity Water. Scott was a former nightclub promoter that became profoundly bored and unfulfilled in his life. Initially he got involved in the humanitarian organization Mercy Ships, and… The Fundamental Escape – Episode 17: […]

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french parliament

French Parliament Makes Push To Decimalise Time

At the behest of the French Parliament, The International Science Union (ISU) is strongly considering the option to decimalise time. A year will have 10 months in it, days will have 10 hours and each hour will have 100 minutes. The French have decimalised everything else, and because they know the Americans and the Angloholes […]

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Thomas Muldoon in Montana

World Horse Day Approved In 19 Cities

Renowned horse whisperers Thomas Muldoon and Gareth Kelley have trained and healed over 2300 horses combined in the past 26 years. They have also been lobbying state governments since 2003 to pass World Horse Day into law. When asked about the purpose behind their international movement, Muldoon had some emphatic words… World Horse Day Approved […]

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