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Ear Hair

Wisconsin Man Finds New Cure For Baldness – Ear Hair!

Dr. William Bernstein, a plastic surgeon from Kenosha, Wisconsin, is now booked nearly 8 months in advance. His specialty is removing a man’s ears and surgically implanting them on the top of their head. While the casual observer may find this procedure absurd, 100% of the patients are ecstatic with the results… Wisconsin Man Finds […]

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Thomas Muldoon in Montana

World Horse Day Approved In 19 Cities

Renowned horse whisperers Thomas Muldoon and Gareth Kelley have trained and healed over 2300 horses combined in the past 26 years. They have also been lobbying state governments since 2003 to pass World Horse Day into law. When asked about the purpose behind their international movement, Muldoon had some emphatic words… World Horse Day Approved […]

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Cryogenic Daycare Facility Opens A Can Of Frozen Worms

A controversial daycare facility in San Mateo, CA, is creating some confusion and intense debate regarding child development. Children’s Cry Space, the first daycare center to implement short-term cryogenic freezing, started out incredibly popular for busy parents who did not want to miss out on any precious moments of their kid’s life. The “concept daycare […]

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