Astro’s Art Review: Volume 1

Art reviewI just returned from a trip to Chicago where I attended some important gallery exhibitions in preparation of my highly regarded Art review. I’d like to discuss a piece I saw at the Visitation Elementary showing in Elmhurst, IL.

The painting to the left titled “Moo Cow” by 6 year old Jordan Richards nearly made me vomit on my new penny loafers. I just don’t know what this kid was going for with this chunk of puke on the canvas.

Jordan silently sat in the corner with his playmates while his parents raved to various onlookers about his transcendent talent, and the whole experience was just a microcosm of the overall dementia that exists in the Art World today.

Art Review – Moo Cow by Jordan Richards

Dealers and agents continue to exploit Artists for their own personal gain and social status. Perhaps it’s the morbid transformation that initially starts with Baby Goggles, but it’s the same old crap I’ve been seeing since I started working as an intern for Andy Warhol in the mid 1970’s.

If you want to see some real talent, check out some work from my friend Sally Avant (google her).
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