Anal Lubricants Used For Prostate Exams Found To Cause Prostate Cancer

anal lubricants“We’ve been searching through the wrong holes” said Dr. Masaki Fukumoto, “we needed to look deeper into the holes of the anal lubricants tubes.” Fukumoto and his team of researchers in Dallas, TX, recently found the link between the chemicals found in anal lubricants and prostate cancer.

For decades, doctors have been coating millions of male anuses with various medical grade anal lubricants…and using forceful aggression during “routine” prostate exams. Dr. Fukumoto has long believed this is exactly what has caused the exponential increase in prostate cancer worldwide. And now he has proof.

Anal Lubricants

Fukumoto and his team

“I must have stuck my thumb in the impected colon of nearly 3,000 cows and goats before the penny dropped. Animal testing led to my breakthrough around Christmas of 2012, and we started human trials in March 2013″ stated Fukumoto.

Once Dr. Fukumoto and his staff secured funding for his full research in early 2013, they began placing Craigslist ads in Dallas. They offered $500 to any man over 40, in exchange for a 60-minute inspection of their anus. “There were a lot of middle-aged men walking down the street funny in Dallas for about 6 months” gloated Fukumoto.

Anal Lubricants And The Male Anus

The chemical compounds in most medical grade brands of anal lubricants now appear to be the true culprit, and a Nobel Prize is likely in order. The male anus has always been a passion for Dr. Fukumoto and his team, and they vow to keep it a safe place in the future for all mankind.

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