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Strange Human Network (SHN) was founded on April 1st, 2011, by David Werba with assistance from an underground group of street preachers. SHN has a growing team of guest bloggers, research assistants, artists, lawyers and therapists. The content you find here should never be discussed at awkward family gatherings, and if they are please contact our support staff immediately.

In the Summer of 2015, SHN added its first Podcast Channel to the network engine. An additional Broadcast Channel was added in early 2016, and it is currently experiencing an orgasmic level of growth and popularity. More channels are currently under review by GOCB.

In November 2015, GOCB (Group Of Chinese Businessmen) acquired Ewoth Dictionary (Ewoth.com) in a hostile takeover, and forcefully stuffed it into the Strange Human Network to exaggerate the insanity of the SHN platform. Ewoth Dictionary was finally taken back and secured by Werba in an arrangement involving the $Buttcoin Project.

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David WerbaDavid Werba – Founder, Editor-in-chief

After graduating with a Psychology degree in 1995 from the University of Illinois, David made the obvious decision to become a professional musician. Eight years later with a total net worth of one single pair of leather pants, he founded the epic OWL marketing newsletter and later the popular Indie Music business Music Forte, Inc. In 2010 David began working as a consultant for Nexstar Broadcasting Group, a mid-market broadcast and digital media company. After producing a series of new television shows that aired on FOX and NBC in the Midwest, he founded SHN, Ewoth Dictionary, 1WorldNow Media, and he’s also the co-owner of IndieMusicPlus.com.

Anthony BainAnthony Bain – CAO Emeritus (Chief Animal Officer)

Born in a hospital and wearing no pants, Anthony cried. He cried until he talked, and in 2007 graduated from the University of Iowa with a Spairst degree. After barking corporate, Bain used his image-making abilities to distort writers’ hyperbole into visual absurdity at the old HoopSpeak.com. Following a brief stint running the underground classic Walrus Party, Bain was then scooped up by ESPN to make images and manage Social Media for the NBA on ESPN RV Tour. Bain now works on a huge project in Chicago, but he always makes time to approve new animals for SHN.

GOCBGOCB – Full 100% Owner

In the Summer of 2011, GOCB (Group of Chinese Businessmen) took advantage of the founders and gained 100% ownership of SHN and all subsidiaries. GOCB will post to the SHN Blog whenever they want, but they have allowed David Werba and his staff to write new content as well. GOCB has pulled the same trick on hundreds of other companies in the past, and you can follow their future acquisitions at GOCB.net.

Ewoth BehemothEwoth Behemoth – Community Manager for Strange Human Dictionary

Ewoth began his career as a model, posing in the “before” pictures for some of the top Laser Hair Removal companies in Montana. He then became the wild and friendly mascot for the Ewoth Dictionary, and he’s widely recognized as the world’s first decentralized autonomous behemoth (DAB).

Dick Czyzyk headshotDick Czyzyk – Senior Editor

Dick heads the SHN team of Radical Theorists. After a short stint as a police officer in Chicago, Dick worked as a Private Investigator for over 35 years. On the surface he struggles to stay cordial, and underneath he is a time bomb that will literally bite your nose off if you make eye contact. Dick now dedicates his time to SHN research and his passion of exposing the awkward truth.

Joe Joe KeysJoeJoe Keys – Social Media Analist

JoeJoe is probably the nicest guy you’ll ever meet on Social Media, but once you meet him in person he’ll kick you in the crotch, steal your wallet, and poop on your front porch. He’s also the founder of IndieMusicPlus.com and one of the Top 10,000 piano players in Rochester, NY.

Christine Werba – Associate Editor

After 15 years trapped in corporate as a graphic designer, Christine was drawn to follow the Western wind and take a short vacation. While passing through Southern Arizona, she decided to follow a baby deer into the mountains and did not return for nearly four years. Surviving on a diet of large insects and gnawed tree bark, Christine was still able to pass her SHN Physical with flying colors and a sly grin.

Javier Gonzalez – Military Analyst, Field Reporter

After Javier’s parachute failed to deploy on a routine jump in the Army, the fall left him paralyzed from the neck up. For years he roamed the shores of Hawaii with a dangling head, unable to speak….but he quietly used this time to observe nature and the human condition. Now fully healed he rarely stops talking, and often interrupts people with his fountain of unique perspectives.

Allison KrauseAllison Krause – Lexicographer, Fart And Burp Specialist

Allison first made a name for herself as a massage therapist in Portland, OR, always leaving her clients very happy at the end. She parlayed her success by extending her practice worldwide, counseling couples through Skype on how to reach Farting Terms with grace and dignity. She’s now a key contributor to Strange Human Dictionary and a talent scout at IndieMusicPlus.com.

betty leoneBetty Leone – Token Female, Field Reporter

After a tragic trip to the hairdresser in 8th Grade, Betty was left with the most awful tight perm one could ever imagine. The result left her banished from the Catholic Cool Kids clique, and forced her into seclusion for nearly 20 years. Now with a beautiful flowing mane of natural public hair, Betty has agreed to express her catharsis through her work at SHN.

Adolf Steinberg, Esq. – General Counsel

Three hours after being hired, Steinberg threatened to sue the owners of Strange Human News for failing to include the “Esq.” after his name on the ‘About’ page. That’s how mean this son of a bitch is. He’ll be the first to tell you he is SHN’s highest paid employee, but the guy knows his law and makes us feel safe.

Mandy Kalish – Assistant Token Female, Blogger

Mandy has spent much of her adult life trying to break free of the near infinite shadow cast by her older brother, Las Vegas legend ‘Carrot Top’. No thanks to her parents, she also had a difficult childhood being saddled with a birth name of Rusty Coppercrotch Thompson. Now with a new name and rekindled passion, Mandy vows to never be remembered as a forgotten sibling.

Alex Astro – Fine Art Critic

Fresh out of NYU Steinhardt in 1976, Astro landed a prestigious internship with Andy Warhol…but was promptly fired after just two weeks. Three years later Astro again landed an internship, this time as a ghostwriter for renowned poet Charles Bukowski…but was fired in less than two weeks. Ten years later Astro wrote the book “It’s All About the Explanation: A Guide to Success as an Artist”. Now heading SHN’s team of Art Critics, he is still seeking more professional publication.

Annie Banner – Chief Soccer Mom

Soccer Moms are dangerous people.  If you cut them off in traffic, they will run you off the road in their over-sized SUV. Annie is the leader of SHN’s growing Soccer Mom team. She drives a tricked-out Hummer, and she writes articles with the same reckless abandon that she seeks to rear-end chauvinistic men in their tiny sports cars.

Earl LeRoy – VP of Sales, Backup Guitarist

Earl is best known for being picked last for everything in his entire life, and FOX News did a feature on him about this…in the last segment of the show in late 2006. SHN has chosen to break Earl’s curse by listing him second-to-last here on the About page. After 30+ years of trying to play the guitar he still sucks pretty bad, but he’s a great salesman.

Victoria Werba, MSW – Staff Therapist

The SHN Staff walks a fine line between brilliance and mental insanity…don’t think we don’t know that. Victoria is thankfully dedicating her golden years to the much needed daily counseling sessions for SHN writers. She also bakes sugar-free brownies and gluten-free carrot sticks for anyone willing to accept them.

FINAL WORD RECOMMENDED BY ADOLF STEINBERG, ESQ.: “All blog posts, pages, and submitted words on StrangeHuman.com, along with its network channels, are digitally copyrighted in the name of the author/creator. All words curated or with credit “Unknown” are not copyrighted until claimed.” StrangeHuman.com is also powered by 1WorldNow LLC.

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