10,000 Chiropractors Assemble In Coliseum For Rare Mass Apology

mass apology - American Chiropractic AssociationIn an unprecedented move rarely ever seen in the medical industry, over 10,000 chiropractors assembled recently at Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Portland, OR, to give a mass apology. Led by Dr. Gary Dalrymple of Naperville, IL, and Dr. A.J. Palmer of Austin, TX, there have been smaller gatherings of chiropractors at various locations throughout the United States for years to discuss their guilty conscience.

“Most chiropractors have very short careers” states Dalrymple, “they often move to massage therapy, poker, and even prostitution to help pay off their school loans. As soon as the guilt builds up too strong, they need to get out. It’s simple really, and it’s almost common knowledge now…chiropractic treatments don’t really help anybody!

American Chiropractic AssociationDr. Palmer adds, “We wanted to apologize on a mass scale to former patients, and the world, and just get it done with already. Chiropractic is just like a pat on the back, or a hug from a friend. You may feel a little better after a session, but we all know that there is no real medical benefit.”

Chiropractic Mass Apology – Long Overdue

Both Dalrymple and Palmer continued on about the various tricks that chiropractors pull to try and suck patients into long-term care. The most common scheme happens when a patient takes an X-ray, and then is presented with a scan of scoliosis pulled from a different person (see image).

Pressure is mounting on the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) to release a formal position on this matter, but it appears the grassroots truth is already out.

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